Entertainment Spotlight*
Join The Famous Graves and The Echelon String Quartet for an evening of eclectic and melancholy musings! What to expect? Aside from the unexpected?? A curiously crafted set with vintage appeal ranging from gloomy dirges to vaudevillian inspired vignettes to souped-up jazz standards. This theatrical collaborative performance is One Night Only and not to be missed! Attend. You will be entertained.

View the trailer here
The Famous Graves image by Rick Penaloza


10 Reasons You Should Attend "MASSACREADE" :

1) Supporting local theater is good karma.


3) Zombie paintings!

4) You can have your palm read so you can stop worrying about when you'll croak...

5) The basement of the Alchemist Theatre is haunted. No joke. No bed sheet ghosts for us.

6) Gorgeous girls of all shapes and sizes sporting vampire-attire that will make granny roll over in her grave.

7) cheap hooch-- which in turn makes you an exponentially better dancer. So, that's really two reasons, isn't it?

8) A special set of Live music prepared by The Famous Graves that you won't hear anywhere else in Milwaukee.

9) Win great prizes for creative get-up

10) You can finally relax--Everyone else in attendance is just as big a freak as you are...


"I Want To Win!"
So you're feverishly working on your costume for our Halloween shindig and desperately wanting a leg up on the competition? Here are a few hints that will help you stun Skallywag Fashions into awarding you with awesome prizes and the adoration of hoards of freakish fans...

Creativity counts!
We expect to see the unexpected!


Boobs are are undeniably excellent
but do not a guarantee you a wining slot...

But don't let that discourage you!


Show us something YOU have made!
We know that 8 year old children in
the Philippines can sew your
zombie Michael Jackson onesie,
but what can YOU make?

"Pre-made" costumes will be judged as well,
howeverwe will dote affectionately
(and no doubt endlessly)
on you fine things that put
something special together!

Bribes are not only accepted
but fully encouraged.

View the sneaky teaser trailer for the scintillating runway exhibition: "GLAMPYRE"! The fashion extravaganza will showcase fyne costuming ranging from sequin encrusted 18th century rococo inspired frocks to devilishly decadent retro pin-ups! Skallywag Fashions produces out-of-this-dimension couture that will make any costume enthusiast or lover of lavish fashions drool with anticipation!