Just in case you didn't realize yet, DLP loves pink! The corporate calls of romance simply can't be ignored, and we are continuing to find even more ways to express our love in pink, red, and maybe white (but mostly pink). Objects of a pink-like nature are high on our lists of things necessary for survival, and since they are all showcased with such grace and loveliness on the metal shelves of our nearest department stores, how can we resist? Therefore, we are getting in-tune with our girliness and pink-i-fying. Here are some little bits that we liked!

Would anyone care for a spot of tea with pink macaroons? These tea cups are too awesome!

These aren't necessarily pink, but they are pretty coo
l. We decided that these would be the seats we would sit in while we laugh evilly in unison at our sinister plans to turn the world
into a giant party. Mwa, ha ha ha!

Getting back to our pink obsession, we dug up a bit of info on our beloved color. Apparently, the use of the word "pink" was first recorded in the late 17th century, and was used in relation to flowers within the genus Dianthus. During this time
period, the word "pink" was also used to describe a greenish or yellowish color. Funky.

Now, what is all the business about pink being just for girly girls? This began in the 1920's. It was from then until the 1940's that it was considered a boy color because it was related to red; a more bold, strong, and powerful color, while blue was perceived as dainty, soft, and feminine, and therefore assigned to girls. Blue was also seen as a relation to the Virgin Mary, and therefore seemed appropriate. We couldn't let the boys keep all of the pink to themselves, so we took it back. Since the 1940's, the norm apparently inverted and continues into our day, even though the there will always be individuals who disagree. "It has been suggested that females prefer
pink because of a preference for reddish things like ripe fruits and healthy faces" says Wikipedia. Well, we are all right with that. You can keep your blue, gentlemen; DLP likes our pink teacups and cake!


Parties We Wish We Attended:

Truman Capote's infamous lavish and controversial Black and White Ball is now the stuff of party Legend: shameless self promotion, high style, starlets and scandal!

{The Stats} November 28th, 1966 The Plaza Hotel*Earned the title, "Party of The Century" *540 guests including Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, Norman Mailer, andThe Rockefellers. *Mr. Capote claims he invited 500 guests and made 15,000 enemies. *400 bottles of bubbly *Total Damage: $13,000


Valentines Round Up Part 2: Digital Downloads

The stores are hawking wuvy bears and Alka Seltzer flavored conversation hearts--time to start selecting your valentines! It can be tricky business using a third party's words to express your passions, so DLP has done a little legwork for you. Here are a few of our favorite sentiments:


Stuff We Love: Urban Decay

This special limited edition Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland book of eyeshadow is squeal worthy. 16 of our favorite cruelty free shades christened with new jabberwocky wonderland names in honor of the upcoming Burton film. Get it here!


Stuff We Love:

A fabulous pin up inspired bridal shower shoot by Aregrayline photography. We're digging the blending of the playful poses, bold pallet and vintage inspired details. Check out more of the collaborative effort here.

This truly curious steampunk confectionery masterpiece by Venus Cakes! Teared, ticking and truly tantalizing. If you're drooling over this cake-gasm, check out the construction of her gothic wedding cake here.

These sweet and sassy handmade cupcake toppers combine our love of all things naked, pink and cake related. We also plan on ordering several of these tarot-card-studded-semi-sadist valentine garlands by Flapper Girl. You can find more of her neat and naughty handmade goodies here.


Tips: Playlists

While DLP is preparing for our Valentine’s shindig we’re compiling a list of Dance Yer Pants Off tunes to set the tone! Playlists are important as they influence the mood and momentum of the evening. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect playlist for your fete!

*Restraint! Don’t start your playlist off with something too loud or overly energetic, you w

ant the momentum to build and excite your guests, not steamroll them. Make sure the music is loud enough to be noticeable, but quiet enough that guests don’t feel the need to shout over each other…save that for later in the evening.

*Eclectic Collection. Weave in your personal favorites and an

occasional wildcard to keep the party’s attention. Playlists can be the perfect conversation starter!

*No Break Up Songs. Just don't do it. Ever.

*Flow. Make sure your selection of songs moves as seamlessly as possible from one to the next. This will enhance the scene you’re striving to create.

*Pandora. If you aren’t comfortable playing DJ, create a Pandora station that fits the theme of your party. It takes the stress out of monitoring your tunes and the occasional jarring randomness of itunes shuffle. Letting your guests “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” songs lets them steer the evening and is often a spark for discussion.

Now you fine young things, make playlist pandemonium!


Stuff We Love: Rock Candy

Not only is the crystalline candy suitable for a sculptural sugar buzz, but it makes a statement in creative arrangements and cocktails:


Stuff We Love: Sculpture as Centerpiece

We are loving this fabulous graphic centerpiece sculpture created by David Stark. The tree, composed of thousands of post-it notes, served as a focal point is for the New Yorkers For Children gala this past fall.


Happenings: 2Cents Launch Party

2Cents, the exquisitely designed Milwaukee magazine, is celebrating the launch of their new website and second edition! This petite publication is concentrated awesome--its pages pack a refreshing visual punch and up-to-date information on all the best haunts in our fair city with an emphasis on budget friendly neighborhood entertainments. We can't wait! Be there, Friday January 22nd 2011 S. 1st Street Milwaukee WI at the Horny Goat Hideaway Doors 7PM for drinks and swag!


Drippy Lip Tips: Lighting

We’ve all been to that party—the one where you’re sipping out of a red plastic cup and squinting under the hellish bug zapper fluorescent overhead light that make guests appear as Night of The Living Dead extras. Lighting matters as much as the menu! No one wants to feel cake-y, exposed or under a magnifying glass. Here are a few tips to make sure the desired mood of the fete is set and your guests look and feel marvelous:

1) Turn off overhead lights. Overhead interrogation style lights cause harsh shadows and dark circles under the eyes. Instead opt for well placed, low wattage lamps scattered throughout your entertaining space. This will assure your guests are comfortable and glowing for photographs.

2) Use candles. Whether you fill up a candelabra or tuck jelly jar tea lights onto windowsills, the warm, welcoming and potentially romantic flicker of candles can’t be beat. They are appropriate for all occasions; tea for two or formal cocktail affairs.

3) Use colored light. Color sets a tone for your gathering. Pop a few colored light bulbs into preexisting fixtures and watch the wash of color drastically transform a space. When using this technique you can forgo any other decorating if you so choose. Paint with light! Choose champagne based colors like buttery yellows or fresh pinks for a warm glamorous effect.

4) Use the Tube. Sometimes the TV is appropriate—when it is…use it! The silent blue glow of a black and white film flickering in the background can prove to be a dramatic and entertaining light source. If film noir isn’t your piece of cake, bring on the kitsch and pop in a classic fireplace DVD and enjoy the corny vibe of a Maryland ski lodge.

Books: It's Hard Out Here For a Shrimp

If you have a beating heart, you’re a fan of the Muppets and Pepe the King Prawn is a hands down favorite at DLP. He knows what matters: monies, de womens and most importantly-- partaying! His book, It’s Hard Out Here For a Shrimp: Life, Love and Living Large is full of exceptional nuggets of party etiquette:

[ On the Importance of Punctuality]

"If you get there after the food is gone and the women

are taken, but before the police arrive…you’re late, okay?"

[On Favorite Party Toasts]

"May the road rise to meet you,

so you don’t have too far to fall when you pass out."

150 pages of sound wisdom on living “La Vida Pepe…with style, with abandon, with someone else’s girlfriend.” Buy it here, okay.

Valentines Day Round Up Part 1:

Some of us find the day divine while others despise it--but whether you love to Love it or love to hate it, here are a few DLP approved tidbits for your V-Day adventures:

1) Valentine fortune cookies from Oriental Trading Company 2) Heart Headband from HotTopic 3) Original Artworks by Trish Grantham 4) Moulin Rouge Chandelier 5) Burlesque and The Art of Teese by Dita Von Teese 6) Pinky Vodka


DLP has recovered from the post-holiday hangover and are in pedal-to-the-metal-panty-party-planning-mode. What is a panty party you ask? Only the most scandalous private soiree on the East Side of Milwaukee! Here are a few candid peeks of our last lingerie inspired affair at Chateau Mo's to whet your appetite:

Finger sandwiches, fringe and trannies--oh MY!