[A Mad SummertimeTea!]

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DLP has been down the rabbit hole planning a decadent mad tea garden party bridal shower! What better way to spend a summers evening than sip sipping, nibbling sweets and sporting silly hats? With the re-release of Alice In Wonderland there has been an enormous (and admittedly trite) demand for through-the-looking glass tea parties. With this understood, DLP is leaning less towards the Hot Topic fingerless glovelette approach and employing a highly saturated vintage tactic with an emphasis on recycled material detail: Old hand-made doilies (preferably those that have been stained and stashed away in a trunk) , baubles, bistro lights, Persian rugs and mountains of petite fours. Thematically, We like to think of it as, "The House You WISH Your Grandma Had..." Here's an invite sneak peek! Shh! It's a suprise! ;)