In The Mood For Magic!

The gears at the DLP Factory are whirly-gigging at a breakneck pace to bring you the Third Annual Season of The Witch! Here's a peep at our launch-pad mood board for our friends at Bewitchingbee Magical Supply. We can't wait to dive into a swimming pools worth of Papier-mâché! So sticky...

While herding black cats, DLP is also preparing for an all-killer-no-filler give away to celebrate our one year anniversary! Stay tuned!


Season of The Witch!

DLP is proud to present the Third Annual Season of The Witch! Join us and our good friends at Bewitchingbee Magical Supply for a Hocus-Pocus Halloween Hullabaloo: a spooky seance, tasty seasonal delights, fire ritual, the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe and an array of eerie entertainments!

Click the image below to peep the teaser trailer!

Stay tuned for more details, kittens!


Steampunk Shenanigans in Bay View!

DLP had their driving goggles rocked off at Hyde Bar's blast-from-the-future gorgeous and grimy steampunk get-down! The entire venue was brimming with local characters, Leather, Lace and Static eLeCtRicitY! Here's a peak at the questionable and costumed activities...

The notorious DLP crew in their finest steampunk
threads, kindly provided by Skallywag Fashions.

Waterstreet Bridge shredded on tunes staring Lizzy Borden
and other notable murderers, villians, inventors and nutcases.
Needless to say, they rocked our pantaloons off!

A few friendly adventurers and gentleman scientists.
DLP was thrilled to see so many of our RenFaire and
reenactment friends out on the town!

SCIENCE! The Tesla coil was sputtering
through out the evenings festivities. A perfect
backdrop for a dark outdoor carnival,
gas masks and theramin recitals!

The infamous Skallywag herself joining us
for a dance and a drink...or three...

Deadman's Carnival set off our steamships with
their amazing fire swallowing spectacle!

This clever Ghostbuster costume ticked us--
talk about being ahead of your time...or behind...whatever....

More Fire!

An awesome effort to make functioning mechanical wings!
This is why we love the Midwest--
we're people who make things!

Our very own professional scoundrels after a
hit of absinthe and airship induced insanity!
They are actually traveling through
time at this very moment...

DLP gives this steampunk shindig 5 out of 5 drips!


A Riddle...

What does Drippy Lip love more than atomic cocktails?
More than a spontaneous wet t-shirt contest?
More than all girl Japanese surf rock bands?

More than cake?!

We'll give you one guess...

Halloween, kittens!
DLP Productions is in full trick-or-treat swing
and giddy as all get-out to be collaborating with
our friends at Bewitchingbee Magical Supply
to bring you an unforgettable vamped up vintage
Halloween! More details to come--

but for now...

just a tease!

Stay tuned my pretties...

72 days to go...


A Midsummer Mad Tea

Here's a peek at DLP's latest soiree, a balmy summer
evening bridal shower for our very own Kelly!

The space before we attacked:

And After:

Centerpieces were constructed using mismatched china,
vintage jewelry and antique paper goods.

This charming dining space was created by pulling
together wabisabi retro
linens, borrowed dining chairs
and pendants cut from vintage textiles.
Lawn furniture was
pimped out with
patterned pillows and antique velvet throws.

At dusk our beautiful bride happily opened her mountain of gifts!

Amid twinkling fairy lights and the crackle of a
great-grandparents phonograph guests were whisked
away to a whimsical thicket full of desserts and white rabbits!

These goodies went so quickly we couldn't even
photograph them before guests couldn't help themselves!
The ladies enjoyed a spread of not-so-dainty bacon cucumber
tea sandwiches, quiches, lettuce wraps, fresh cherries and of course
in classic DLP fashion--at least 3 kinds of cake!

Drippy Lip decked out in our tea time duds...

Guests were asked to write words of wisdom
on a brightly dyed butterfly
that were pinned to an
upholstered antique frame as a keepsake for the bride-to-be.

We achieved a rich rummage-sale texture by using
nearly 100 doilies and tea towels!
*no doilies were harmed in the making of this mad tea*

For more stills of our mad tea, visit us on Facebook!