DLP Invades Emerald City!

DLP is a-twitter making private birthday bash arrangements for our FAVORITE client! Her request: a shiny and sophisticated Emerald City inspired cocktail soiree! As fun as the Wizard is, we wanted to stray from trying to recreate Emerald City spire by spire, but instead reinterpret and lushness and charm of the film to suit our hostess' entertaining style. The plan? Sleek deco inspired lines, regal floral design, off-beat yet classy jewel toned cocktails and enough dessert to choke a horse-of-a-different-color! So it's sip-sip here, sip-sip there, a couple of scoops of Haagen Dazs-- dance your ruby slippers off in Drippy Lip's land of Oz!


Hello 2011!

DLP rang in the new year with a jewel encrusted, mango flavored, fancy dress Bollywood Affair! Our hostess was looking to warm up her apartment and put on a pretty dinner party for her near and dears, so DLP swooped in to set the scene for mixing and mingling!

The menu featured indian inspired cocktail fare: spicy samosas, tiki masala and mini naan and chutney pizzas! To drink, guests enjoyed classic crisp G&T's, mango bellinis, India Pale Ale, and bubbly.

Table tops were dressed with mounds of oranges, floating mums and flickering tea lights and walls were embellished with a wash of pink light, dramatic peacock prints and rose petal falls.

Luckily, the hostess had a gorgeous collection of antique carnival glass that she wanted incorporated in the party design. We used them to create miniature shimmering water gardens!

Click here for more of the party, plus before-and-after peeks!