A Steamy Weekend at TeslaCon!

Recently DLP had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and getting inside the brain of the mad-scientist-dirigible-captain-convention-creator, Eric Larson (AKA Lord Hastings R. Bobbins!) for the soot on his latest ambitious endeavor: TelsaCon! We won't give it all away...but here's what we'll divulge.

This isn't your grandma's "con".
This is complete insanity.

TeslaCon is a boutique convention--a complete immersion experience for the lot of Steampunk Fandom. Workshops, a fancy-dress ball, panel discussion, fashion shows, live music, readings, tiny hats and MURDER all wrapped in a carefully orchestrated and painstakingly detailed multimedia spectacle designed specifically for lovers of steampunk, clockpunk, deisel, lolita, goth and all things weird and wonderful! This madness will manifest itself November 5-7 in Madison WI!

This is the closest you will ever come to flying over London in an airship. Ever. And thanks to daylights savings, you'll have the unique opportunity to actually time travel...Wicked, right?!

Are you drooling all over your mourning gown yet? Want tickets? Strap on your goggles and visit for details. Space is limited! DLP will see you there!

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