Steampunk Shenanigans in Bay View!

DLP had their driving goggles rocked off at Hyde Bar's blast-from-the-future gorgeous and grimy steampunk get-down! The entire venue was brimming with local characters, Leather, Lace and Static eLeCtRicitY! Here's a peak at the questionable and costumed activities...

The notorious DLP crew in their finest steampunk
threads, kindly provided by Skallywag Fashions.

Waterstreet Bridge shredded on tunes staring Lizzy Borden
and other notable murderers, villians, inventors and nutcases.
Needless to say, they rocked our pantaloons off!

A few friendly adventurers and gentleman scientists.
DLP was thrilled to see so many of our RenFaire and
reenactment friends out on the town!

SCIENCE! The Tesla coil was sputtering
through out the evenings festivities. A perfect
backdrop for a dark outdoor carnival,
gas masks and theramin recitals!

The infamous Skallywag herself joining us
for a dance and a drink...or three...

Deadman's Carnival set off our steamships with
their amazing fire swallowing spectacle!

This clever Ghostbuster costume ticked us--
talk about being ahead of your time...or behind...whatever....

More Fire!

An awesome effort to make functioning mechanical wings!
This is why we love the Midwest--
we're people who make things!

Our very own professional scoundrels after a
hit of absinthe and airship induced insanity!
They are actually traveling through
time at this very moment...

DLP gives this steampunk shindig 5 out of 5 drips!

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