Tips: Playlists

While DLP is preparing for our Valentine’s shindig we’re compiling a list of Dance Yer Pants Off tunes to set the tone! Playlists are important as they influence the mood and momentum of the evening. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect playlist for your fete!

*Restraint! Don’t start your playlist off with something too loud or overly energetic, you w

ant the momentum to build and excite your guests, not steamroll them. Make sure the music is loud enough to be noticeable, but quiet enough that guests don’t feel the need to shout over each other…save that for later in the evening.

*Eclectic Collection. Weave in your personal favorites and an

occasional wildcard to keep the party’s attention. Playlists can be the perfect conversation starter!

*No Break Up Songs. Just don't do it. Ever.

*Flow. Make sure your selection of songs moves as seamlessly as possible from one to the next. This will enhance the scene you’re striving to create.

*Pandora. If you aren’t comfortable playing DJ, create a Pandora station that fits the theme of your party. It takes the stress out of monitoring your tunes and the occasional jarring randomness of itunes shuffle. Letting your guests “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” songs lets them steer the evening and is often a spark for discussion.

Now you fine young things, make playlist pandemonium!

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