Just in case you didn't realize yet, DLP loves pink! The corporate calls of romance simply can't be ignored, and we are continuing to find even more ways to express our love in pink, red, and maybe white (but mostly pink). Objects of a pink-like nature are high on our lists of things necessary for survival, and since they are all showcased with such grace and loveliness on the metal shelves of our nearest department stores, how can we resist? Therefore, we are getting in-tune with our girliness and pink-i-fying. Here are some little bits that we liked!

Would anyone care for a spot of tea with pink macaroons? These tea cups are too awesome!

These aren't necessarily pink, but they are pretty coo
l. We decided that these would be the seats we would sit in while we laugh evilly in unison at our sinister plans to turn the world
into a giant party. Mwa, ha ha ha!

Getting back to our pink obsession, we dug up a bit of info on our beloved color. Apparently, the use of the word "pink" was first recorded in the late 17th century, and was used in relation to flowers within the genus Dianthus. During this time
period, the word "pink" was also used to describe a greenish or yellowish color. Funky.

Now, what is all the business about pink being just for girly girls? This began in the 1920's. It was from then until the 1940's that it was considered a boy color because it was related to red; a more bold, strong, and powerful color, while blue was perceived as dainty, soft, and feminine, and therefore assigned to girls. Blue was also seen as a relation to the Virgin Mary, and therefore seemed appropriate. We couldn't let the boys keep all of the pink to themselves, so we took it back. Since the 1940's, the norm apparently inverted and continues into our day, even though the there will always be individuals who disagree. "It has been suggested that females prefer
pink because of a preference for reddish things like ripe fruits and healthy faces" says Wikipedia. Well, we are all right with that. You can keep your blue, gentlemen; DLP likes our pink teacups and cake!

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