Drippy Lip Tips: Lighting

We’ve all been to that party—the one where you’re sipping out of a red plastic cup and squinting under the hellish bug zapper fluorescent overhead light that make guests appear as Night of The Living Dead extras. Lighting matters as much as the menu! No one wants to feel cake-y, exposed or under a magnifying glass. Here are a few tips to make sure the desired mood of the fete is set and your guests look and feel marvelous:

1) Turn off overhead lights. Overhead interrogation style lights cause harsh shadows and dark circles under the eyes. Instead opt for well placed, low wattage lamps scattered throughout your entertaining space. This will assure your guests are comfortable and glowing for photographs.

2) Use candles. Whether you fill up a candelabra or tuck jelly jar tea lights onto windowsills, the warm, welcoming and potentially romantic flicker of candles can’t be beat. They are appropriate for all occasions; tea for two or formal cocktail affairs.

3) Use colored light. Color sets a tone for your gathering. Pop a few colored light bulbs into preexisting fixtures and watch the wash of color drastically transform a space. When using this technique you can forgo any other decorating if you so choose. Paint with light! Choose champagne based colors like buttery yellows or fresh pinks for a warm glamorous effect.

4) Use the Tube. Sometimes the TV is appropriate—when it is…use it! The silent blue glow of a black and white film flickering in the background can prove to be a dramatic and entertaining light source. If film noir isn’t your piece of cake, bring on the kitsch and pop in a classic fireplace DVD and enjoy the corny vibe of a Maryland ski lodge.

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